Time Management

Wrote this the other day since I always think about time :: https://seedvc.blog/2017/07/17/productivity/

Obviously that was driven more from a tech angle but it was this article that really had me thinking :: https://bothsidesofthetable.com/i-only-have-7-trips-left-on-managing-work-life-balance-love-family-1c48737a3471

My first son was born the day before my 35th birthday so the decade that followed was very heavy and consequential. Life mattered for more than my pure enjoyment — I had to be responsible for the futures of these two lovable, little boys. I still worked hard and the balance of my time and energy went into family. My relationships narrowed to a smaller set of people who really mattered to me, my number of frivolous hobbies dwindled to only the most valuable and time became my scarcest commodity. If you’ve lived a decade with young children you know that it’s both unbelievably rewarding and also physically and emotionally exhausting.

Having kids hits everyone in the jaw when it comes to time management. You really cannot burn a candle at both ends and there are only 24 hours in a day. I also need about 7 hours of sleep to feel good. If you work and have a family then something has to be cut. For me I stopped going to most evening events, tech industry is too hung up on evening events as well but guess that works for some, and I stopped doing silly side projects.

I get up, workout, get the kids out, get to work, and come home. Pretty much every damn day besides the weekends. My legacy will be my family and hopefully colleagues I have worked with over the years will say good things. I also aim to leave my mark as a VC.

I also love reading the Prof and this is from one of his letters:

Brunch with friends, tv, and sleeping in were great, but there’s a comfort in having the same answer to most of life’s questions: whatever is best for the kids. People without kids bask in the same light when they’re kind and caring to others.

It’s so spot on. Basically kids rule the schedule. Yes – kids also have to be provided for which means one has to work. My point is there is sometimes little time left for other things but I think that is okay since it forces better time management and focus.

I am struggling to find the balance as well so if anyone has any great tips. Do share!

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