Ask A VC #5


What’s the split between companies funded where you guys approach them / and those who approach you?


Tough one to answer. In general it’s always a little bit of both. There are people you know about working on stuff but not looking to raise. You establish a rapport and hopefully stay in touch so when they do raise they call you. Potentially you just check in often and ask. 😉

Other times you only hear about a company when they call or email you looking for money. One hopes we would do better and find these companies before they ask but that will not always happen.

The purpose of having a good network and being seen around the town a bit is that your network will bring you deals before the companies go looking or bring them to you first.

We are a young firm though so lot’s of everything is going on and we continue to focus on getting better at what we do which should also lead to quality deal flow.

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