Ask A VC #2


How can female founders be empowered by being aware of this obvious bias in the market?


I assume you mean the obvious bias is that VC is too male oriented. As a man myself I think even trying to answer feels treacherous. Let me state the lens that I look through a bit before I even try. I have a daughter, I think about this problem all the time and I work hard to find female foudners to fund.

That being said I don’t think I can give you a good answer since my assumption is that folks you might be pitching too or talking to should do their best to look at you and your team and your idea for what they are. My best advice though would be to find the angels and the other founders and VC’s in your area who have expressed interest in defeating this bias. They are out there and they would be the best to help you deal with it. There are plenty of female founders who are kicking ass.

On facebook I follow some folks that are leading the #ladybadass movement in Asia. These ladies are kicking ass and taking names. I would reach out to folks like this and get their advisory on how best to find your personal empowerment.

Example here ::

One thought on “Ask A VC #2

  1. Thanks Michael, aside from finding amazing inspiration from the #ladybadassery here in APAC via I’d also recommend more specifically getting connected to #femalefounders here in Singapore – – that group was formed exactly for this purpose. There’s also the wonderful work from Dentsu / Ruth Stubbs, which you can read more about here –


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