Good read on AI startup predictions

I must be behind but this is the first time I read something by Bradford. Good stuff.

Here is his latest ::

Great read. Hard to argue with it and also we won’t know how right he is till later. We do see a lot of startups claiming to work on AI and when you dig in one finds very little AI at times. I also think the whole chatbot thing is overdone. I am still not using any. Not a one.

I use Evie a ton and would even if I had not invested in it. It solves a problem for me – managing my calendar. This is more NLP and machine learning than AI but in the same family. The product, no matter what buzzword it uses, must solve a real problem that people are willing to pay for. Many products are using something that they don’t need to build a solution that is in search of a problem.

Whether you have found product/market fit or not, it is important to work on a real market opportunity. Killer shit in search of a market won’t go far.

As I have said many times, I look for team, market and strategy. We can work together on the rest.


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