I used to travel to Singapore back when I lived in Hong Kong and was always glad when I returned back to HK. It was probably the combination of the era and where my head was at the time. Fast forward many years and many countries and I am now living, proudly, in Singapore. I specifically targeted Singapore due to wanting permanent residency somewhere in Asia. HK has silly rules for it and most other countries don’t have the benefits for becoming one.

Singapore has a good PR program in my opinion. On top of that it is a safe country, with good schools and I like raising a family here. Sure – it is a small island and things can be expensive and a little boring at times. All in all though I enjoy the island but as a venture capitalist, I absolutely love this place.

Singapore is at the center of the Asian startup scene and this is no longer an emergent scene but a growth scene. All one has to do is look at the politics of surrounding countries or the shit show in America to be thankful for not only being in a safe place but in a country that understands it’s position but more importantly, has a detailed roadmap for how to stay in the lead.

Over the weekend I was reading this ::

I am going to dive into the full version during the week, you can find it here ::

I’ll try and digest some interesting sections in future posts.

happy monday.


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