Envious of the USA conference scene

Gonna throw a few links at you today. One of the things I have missed about not being in the states is the conference scene. I am not saying Asia doesn’t have any that are good but they just don’t yet compare to the quality and level of speakers. Maybe it is just me so if so – tell me to shut up.

I hope someday to get to Recode’s Code Media Conference :: https://events.recode.net/events/code-media/

It is on my list for 2018.

For VC conferences I think the Upfront Summit looks awesome :: http://summit.upfront.com. I am going to figure out how to get into it for 2018 as well. I assume they will post some videos soon but if you follow Mark on his podcast link – they have dropped some good audio interviews.

Love this one with Cuban :: https://overcast.fm/+BxlT794oA

He has a really good quote in there. He is asked about startup ecosystems outside of Silicon Valley and what is the difference. He goes on to state that the only difference is the exits. I tend to agree with this. You can build a startup, get funded and make money in any location but you might have a hard time exiting. Sure – not everything needs to exit but generally, almost always, a venture backed business needs an exit through acquistion or going public at some point. That’s how the capital system functions. Like it or not.

Lots to ponder.

3 thoughts on “Envious of the USA conference scene

  1. Agree, I think part of the problem as they tend to be used as mainly marketing and sales opportunities for “sponsors” as opposed to forums to stimulate debate and ideas. Asia needs to pull its socks up and free itself from th cycle of cynasism that most senior people view of these types of forums. Perhaps private more focused group sessions is the way to go here….


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