Back to the MacBook

My reasoning for originally buying the iPad Pro with the Apple keyboard was pretty simple. At the time it was the latest hardware from Apple – period. The MacBook was too small and not enough ports for me to invest in it as my main machine. I enjoyed the iPad and get could get my work done but for sure I was not as productive as I am with a real mac.

And it’s not just the keyboard but multitasking, real web browsers and apps not refreshing cause they are out of memory. That would happen so much – I can’t count how many times I was using safari to buy plane tickets and the browser would refresh and the form was blank. That just never happens on a mac – never.

So I tend to agree with Marco here ::

iPads are cool and all but I don’t need it and since I got my MacBook Pro I haven’t touched it. Now my wife has it and loves it.

I dig my MacBook Pro and for sure I get more done on it than an iPad – period. I am not sure how Apple will solve the divide between iOS productivity and macOS but for sure it exists.

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