Fixing Samui – life as a product guy…

Closing out my holiday. Bummed but also miss my kids, but my wife is back and I am ready for my new journey.

I realize that in many ways I am my father. My dad is a mechanic – he fixes cars, build houses and generally tinkers. I wish I was half the man he was when it comes to fixing things. His ability to diagnose a problem and solve it never ceases to amaze me. He helped me build my first car as a way to teach me self reliance and to have my own wheels. 

Loved that ride.

Anytime I am on holiday, I never really shut down, I am constantly thinking about how to make my life better – how to be happier. How to enjoy myself more. Problem is that I can’t control my surroundings.

After my wife finished her Yoga School, we decided to spend a few nights in Koh Samui chilling out before heading home. I found a nice rate on Agoda for The Kala Samui. It’s always hard to pick a place but I like to stay away from the riff-raff and enjoy a bout of good service. The Kala looked like it might work for that.

The main problem I have with the Kala has nothing to do with the the Kala apart from breakfast. I never understand why these places always think everyone wants a breakfast buffett that costs an arm and a leg. We don’t. I would rather be able to order some eggs, some toast and a decent filter coffee. That would be awesome. But no, The Kala only offers a buffet. No thanks.

The other issue is the ridiculous transportation situation on the island. It sucks. Taxis that essentially charge form 300-600 baht to go anywhere. The songthaews are not any better – tryin to charge the same for sitting in the back of a bouncy vehicle pretending that the mere act of offering you a ride at exorbitant rates is costing them the school fees for their kids. So much angst.

It reminds me of Kuala Lumpur, prior to Uber, where getting around town just sucked. The last few trips to KL were awesome though. I never dealt with a taxi driver one time. Not once. Uber was there for me. Say what you will about Uber but taxis in KL suck. They are the worst.

Taxis in Samui are just as bad. Ruining your stay by never offering to us the meter and walking away when you do ask. Many folks might say just rent a motorcycle but as an experienced motorcycle rider we all know that going down is going down. When you wake up in the hospital trying to remember how you got there you won’t be concerned about how you went down or that it wasn’t your fault. You will just be worried about your busted leg or your missing skin. Renting a motorcycle is not a option for me in accident prone Thailand.

Samui would be just perfect with Uber.

I perked up a little when I say some signs for NaviGo Samui. Downloaded it and after the Facebook connect login failed I have given up since it presented me with like 7 fields to fill in. Let’s be honest. It only needs about two so after Facebook connect failed I bailed. So much for that.

Folks – if you want people to use your app during an impulse, for fuck’s sake make the login easy. 

Back to enjoying Samui. There were are at 8pm trying to get to our hotel. Starting from 500 baht and working our way down to 300. Kind of puts a damper on the holiday.

Anyways. Fuck taxis. Roll on Uber.

Yes, I know this is SEA and we have Grab but frankly their support sucks. Still does.

Maybe I can influence Linda to fix it.

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