One app store to rule them all?

Not talking about mobile phones but about TV’s. I won’t hide my disdain for the TV ecosystem and the supposed smart TV mess. Nothing smart about it really. I was recently at a telco in Singapore on their pipe, meaning a very fast line, using a new TV and when I clicked the app store button I looked at a spinner for about 3 mins. Imagine doing that on a normal internet line.

This TV stuff is a mess. Apple TV, Roku and Google are trying to cut through it but all have their flaws. Apple is Apple only, Roku is not an open platform and Google didnt make chromecast as easy as implementing AirPlay is for iOS. Yes I know chromecast is android and iOS and that it has some sense of apps but they didn’t make it dead simple to build on. Bummer. They also did not take into account DRM and encryption as much as they should have.

So the TV’s and their app stores will still exist and they suck but they are not going away just yet. So I am liking a little of what I am hearing from Opera – yes Opera.

Opera wants to try to build one TV app store and then get various TV manufacturers and OEM’s to embed it. Then you go to one app store, QA it and launch it – hopefully getting all the platforms that Opera is running on. Still a pain but not as bad as going to each TV vendor for each QA and legal process. Yes – legal. Unlike iOS and android app stores you have to sign contracts that lawyers make. It is a silly, silly process.

Can Opera do it? I am not sure. I am cheering them on though.

You add that Roku is doing the same thing with their stuff by getting it into TV’s. True but the Roku platform is a proprietary non HTML stack and they don’t take all apps due to there cozy DISH relationship. So Roku might have a similar plan as Opera but it won’t work is my guess due to the way they have tackled it.

We shall see.

I still want the TV is dumb glass scenario and I just project on it. One can hope.

5 thoughts on “One app store to rule them all?

  1. Three problems with these from a consumer perspective right now:
    – slow chips (the spinning you describe)
    – Bad UIs (remote controls are terrible controllers)
    – Platforms aren’t truly open (can’t get Amazon on Apple TV, etc)

    I think Chrome is the most interesting right now in solving the first two of these problems– essentially saying that there is no UI on the dumb glass. The UI is the high-power device in your lap (laptop, tablet, phone). And it works pretty well.

    Apple can also address this with re-thought Apple TV UI and hardware, and they *theoretically* could bring their dominance to break down that last issue too. Imaging something that had a great ui + federated all of your sources– cable, streaming, etc.

    Who’s gonna do it?


    1. good points. I think someone can still make a killer home entertainment device.

      None of them are quite there and all only protect their own turf

      xbox to me does the best but not good enough – even their old media center build of windows was kind of cool. xbox has the browse multiple services you are subscribed to for finding movies – works okay but not amazing.

      sounds like apple is going to partner up with cable guys versus disrupt the business.

      we shall see!


    1. Yes – I see apple working the TV world they way they worked the iPhone. iPhone they went to carriers – seems to be the same with Apple TV – go the “carriers” , the cable companies.


    2. I see apple tackling TV the way they did the iPhone. iPhone they went to carriers – now they do they do the same with apple TV – go to the carriers, the cable companies.


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