YNOT – this if for you JFDI warriors

I had the pleasure of getting to hangout and mentor over at JFDI the other days. Really enjoyed it and appreciate being offered the chance to.

Ray wrote about it here: http://jfdi.asia/2013/09/10/dont-forget-common-sense/

Today I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts :: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/heresthething/2013/sep/02/

This specific episode was from the son of Tony Bennett discussing his father and how they turned his career around together. There was a nice thread about taking chances and even joking about the name Tony meaning ynot? Was a great message so I thought I would share some of feelings after talking to some of the startups that I had. This is me reacting to some of what I was asked during my mentor sessions and rolling up how I might feel about it. Hope this helps.

  • First off to all the companies at JFDI. Don’t be afraid to blow it up. You might have walked in with one idea and suddenly you think it may not be the right idea. That’s okay. Blow it up. You got accepted for who you are and what you are trying to do. The idea is not concrete. You have enough months ahead to do what you think is the best thing. So do it.
  • Be bold. I say this with some amount of joking aside – if you are not transferring money around or transporting someone to the hospital – you should just go for it. You will make mistakes but no worries – no one got hurt. Ship it. Ship often.
  • Don’t try and invent everything. Use as many off the shelf pieces of code or services you can find. Abuse them. Wire them together. If you succeed you can replace components later with things you hand roll but for now it is not how it is done – it is just all in what is done.
  • Have fun with your messaging and just say it. You can say it all better later as you learn.
  • Don’t dwell on metrics and KPIs till you have something running and you know what the metrics worth tracking are. The goal now should be to test your general hypothesis. Then take the answers and sort out whether you are right or wrong. Fix. Do it again. Analyze later.
  • Marketing things won’t be easy. Try to find viral hooks if possible. Get others to invite others for you. Make it worth their while for doing so. Experiment early, experiment often. There is NO magic bullet so have an open mind about trying things to see what might work. Kill what doesn’t. Do more of what does.
  • I am sure I will think of more tips but this stuff was rattling around in my head after listening to Alec Baldwin – so y not share I was thinking?

    Have fun.

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