My Phone Report Card

I wrote this sometime back and so far is is mostly still on target:

Now check this Asymco index out:

I love the notion of an all encompassing index. Nice work Horace.


  • Apple is killing it anyway you slice it.
  • Android is huge but you have to track the handsets – not the movement. Still more money to be made in iOS for now.
  • Nokia continues to slide. Nokia is now just an arm of MSFT anyway.
  • I said RIM will start to wane – they have now leveled off. Which means it is downhill from here on out.  As I said before and will say again – RIM needs to sell. MSFT makes the best suitor.
  • MSFT – I didn’t see the Nokia thing coming. I figured RIM. Maybe RIM and Nokia together is the only way MSFT gets relevant again? Oh and I did say Balmer needs to go. Now everyone is saying that.
  • PALM/HP. Still see nothing interesting here but lots of hype+.

Let’s see how this plays out but I still carry a RIM (work) and an iPhone 4. RIM is still good for typing, emails, and IM type things. Address Book and email rock on the iPhone. I only click on links in on my iPhone. I wish there was a RIM setting to disable links – yes browsing on the BB makes you want to punch yourself for clicking on the link.

iPad 2 kills them all.