I have been so busy I have not had a time to re-cap my experience at Echelon. First off let me say thanks to Mohan and the team at E27 – nice work – awesome event! I wrote up something for the YDN blog and our slides are also there.

By any measurement the event was a smash. Great attendance, almost 700, good vibe, lots of locals, lots of non-locals, some heavy hitters and a sense that the region is happening with Singapore being a big part of it. I personally met so many new people and got to meet in person the people I have chatted with, admired or wished I knew. My personal network got a huge bump at the event.

This week in asia also did another live show which went over real well. That podcast is starting to take off and I am honored to be involved.

The world is slowly waking up to Asia and to Southeast Asia – it will be interesting to see how things go the rest of the year but I suspect more activity and lots of interesting startups.

see u at openWEBasia!


ps. also wanted to give a shout out to my buddy terence p – u da man:

Insync was one of the participating startups that exhibited at the recent Echelon 2010 web technology event in Singapore. Michael Smith of Yahoo!, better known as Smitty, had introduced him to the e27 folks, the organizers of Echelon 2010, and got him interested in the event. Terence says he met many ’smart and interesting folks’ there, and got plenty of feedback for Insync. Other participating startups had many good things to say about Insync. Serkan Toto of U.S.-based technology blog TechCrunch, who was at Echelon 2010, even called the Philippines-based startup as one of those who stood out from the crowd.

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