Scoble is strange…

Sometimes I just don’t get how Scoble deduces things.

Start with this – :

1. I didn’t remember him talking about the Macintosh. I might have missed it, but I don’t think so.
2. I didn’t remember him talking about tethering.
3. I didn’t remember him talking about Apple TV.
4. I didn’t remember him talking about other carriers other than AT&T.

There is a new OS coming Robert. How about we talk about the mac then?
Tethering. Works all over the world with iPhones. This is a stupid ATT issue but yes – an issue.
Apple TV – maybe there is something new coming. Big deal.
Cause for now Apple is going with ATT – who knows. Maybe that will change?

Then –

What all I am always wondering is why all of Robert’s angles are purely north america and maybe europe. Nokia still crushing it in the emerging markets. Sure it is under threat but come to Indonesia where you won’t see very many Nexus One’s or iPhones. In Thailand you see a bunch of iPhones but RIM on the rise as well. Point is that around the world this is all changing. RIM is still alive and so is Nokia. The bigger question is around MSFT – are they just out of the mobile space? I think so. They could have bought Palm and jumped back in but HP will pretty much kill Palm.

Sometimes Robert I just wonder where u come up with all this nonsense?

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