Big finance and now Big oil

As America turns more and more into a nanny state I hope americans and their government representatives start to realize that government is suppose to provide a safe environment for people to live – live as they please without breaking the law. It seems the government has spent way too much time telling us HOW to live while they let big finance clean out the coffers, making a lot of people rich, and now they have let big oil destroy the gulf.

Government should be regulating business more than regulating our lives. Clearly we missed it on wall street and now it is clear that those watching over big oil were more interested in profit than the environment. Disgusting.

Mr. Obama said he would need Congress’s help on some changes. But there is much he can do administratively, and rapidly, including requiring more rigorous inspections of rigs by the Coast Guard and other agencies. One big problem, as he noted, is that government officials (he included himself in this indictment) have too easily accepted industry assurances that it could deal with a worst-case scenario.

They clearly should not have been so trusting. This is an industry that can no longer safely be left to its own devices.

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