Singapore 101

I always get asked about how to get a feel for the activity in Singapore and the region. I tend to email people a bunch of links so thought it would be easier for me to just assemble a page.

Going to add another top level link here. If you want to understand Singapore more and the future of it – the current version of the CFE is a pretty good place to start ::

The core list: :: from my friend Jon of TechCrunch. A great weekly recap of Asia tech. :: great work from Florian and Arnaud helping anyone follow the money.  :: more goodness from Arnaud. Funding and M&A weekly newsletter. :: Arnaud again, a newletter for those looking for work in Asia in VC or tech. :: looking for work? Looking for an employee. Talk to Mike. :: need to know event to join each week? Look no further. :: best podcast made in and about the tech scene in Asia. :: more from the prolific Arnaud. I hear there is an update coming soon as well. :: my flipboard magazine. Not all about the region but tends to be pretty region specific or stuff I think has meaning to the region.

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