What is this site?

It is a work in progress. Now that I am working at Yahoo! I decided I needed to refocus my blogging efforts. Rather than blog about me I think I need to blog about the sphere – the companies and startups I am working with. So this will be a combination of what I am doing, where I am going and highlighting the Southeast Asian tech/startup community. Sure – it is not huge but it is generally bigger than people think. Silicon Valley is not the only game in town and China/India is not the only emerging market space in the world. SEA – is big, growing and the Internet penetration in some countries like Vietnam and Indonesia is just getting going.

My focus for my job is SEA so I think focusing my blog on this region is key but importantly there is a chance here to build something relevant to the region. There are lots of sites out there but none of them seem to look at the startup world from a SEA perspective nor do they fully cover the region. There are sites devoted to Singapore or Malaysia but ask one of them about things happening in Cambodia and you get blank stares. Of course ask the Cambodians about the latest in Indonesia and they won’t have a clue. I travel the region extensively and hope to bridge the gap.

For example – have you heard of Aruna?

My aspirations are big but who knows if I will pull it off. I think there is a need for something akin to TechCrunch and at the same time CrunchBase. Can I pull it off – not sure but it will be fun to try. There are some people discussing this type of thing for Singapore but there again they are thinking too small. We need to tackle the region as a whole – not country by country.

I think possibly using something like YQL to build a DB of startup info might be a cool way to disseminate the information. Not sure yet but those are some of the ideas I have.

If you are interested in pitching in or you want to get me your startup information – please email me: dreampipe at yahoo.com. I am most interested in getting going on this.

Where do the domain name come from – it should be easy. I keep hearing startups and the goverments funding them discussing there KPIs. Folks – the word KPI and startup should never be mentioned in the same breath.

Stay tuned for more!

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